MAYTERAMOS_ABOUTFrom a very young age, Mayte showed good aptitudes regarding drawing, painting, modeling, dancing and everything that is related to art expressions. It soon became apparent to her what she wanted to become as a grown-up, despite of some disadvantages that appeared in the way.

Mayte has a love for all artistic disciplines but after becoming an Illustrator she discovered the world of ball jointed dolls and she decided to be a dollmaker too, because it’s a very complete form of art, in which you need knowdledge about a lot of varied things, materials and techniques. In the other hand, Digital art has enabled to help her to do new projects about illustration books, trademarks, posters, amongst many others, in addition to use of traditional techniques as well, being her favourites watercolor and pencils.

However, Mayte always loved all things around animation, is for that she’s learning different 3D softwares, and also investigating traditional techniques on a self-taught way and by online videotutorials.

Her mastery of different techniques allows her to create different things and adapt her style for many kind of applications and gives her the opportunity to work as a freelancer or even in a team in a big studio.