Helianth – Ball Jointed Doll

This is Helianth, my first ball jointed doll design in collaboration with Juan Luis (www.jlmayen.com). It could be a girl or a boy, it depends of the make-up, clothes and wig you chose. Even you can change the head for another one that fits well! He has the following features: – Helianth (head + body): 26cm tall with chubby body – 7-8″ head circumference – 14 mm eyes Body measures: – Height (including head): 26cm tall – Waist circumference: 15,5cm – Hips circumference:18cm – Leg length (groin to ankle): 11cm – Arm length (shoulder to wrist): 7,5cm – Feet length: 4cm

We do the silicon molds together, and then, the resin cast too, using professional machines like vacuum and preassure pot to say goodbye bubbles :) All the pieces have a hole (drilled) to pass an elastic string through away.  Then, I go on the work sanding, painting the make-up, taking photos and edit them, sewing clothes, preparing a beautiful package and all those things.
You can see more pictures of our Sephie Doll Shop dolls on social media.
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  • Technique : Digital sculpting, moldmaking and resin casts
  • Tools : Silicone, polyurethane resin, pigments, sandpaper, dremel and other tools for finished the doll
    Items : 14mm glass eyes and handmade clothes and accessories
    Software : Zbrush and Photoshop
  • Year : 2014-2015
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