Trebol – Ball Jointed Doll

Trebol is the third ball jointed doll design for Sephie Doll Shop, made in collaboration with Juan Luis ( It has 16cm and is completly jointed. Also it has 3 faceplates (wich works with magnets): one smiling normal, an elf, and sleeping one.

This is really funny because you can change the faceplates to get different characters, and change the make-up, the wig, eyes and outfits, so it could be a boy or a girl. The resin cast could be in some different ‘skin colors’. Each BJD is completely made by JLMayen and me (Mayte Ramos), as we take care of the casting process and finishing of each BJD by hand.

If you want to own one of them, please let me know!


  • Technique : Digital sculpting, moldmaking and resin casts
  • Tools : Silicone, polyurethane resin, pigments, sandpaper, dremel and other tools for finished the doll
    Items : 8mm glass eyes, elastic string, S hooks, magnets and handmade clothes and accessories
    Software : Zbrush and Photoshop
  • Year : 2015
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